How to Fix Dell 670 Error lights?

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Dell Precision Workstation when suddenly stops working be it memory, light, motherboard you need aid. To fix Dell 670 Error lights which is actually shows BIOS error. LED code is green-yellow-green-yellow which might mean it is memory error. But the beep code “1(long)-3(short)-2(short)” this is also mot listed on the code chart. Therefore to understand the […]

How to Fix Dell Error Code 0151?

Dell Computer Problems

To fix Dell Error Code 0151 Incorrect status 5e or 3e which is caused by mis-configured system files that create registry errors within your OS. The error code refers to fault or failed hard drive. Windows error can cause program lock ups, slow PC performance, system crashes, computer freezing and more. The error can startle […]

How to Resolve Technical Glitches of Dell PC?

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Dell computers give wide choices for users to get the best device that can fit into their pocket and can perform crucial task in simple way. Desktop PC, Laptop, Netbook and Tablets there are unlimited range for different customers to meet their customize needs. Latest technology and quality components make Dell the first choice among […]