Dell Precision Workstation when suddenly stops working be it memory, light, motherboard you need aid. To fix Dell 670 Error lights which is actually shows BIOS error. LED code is green-yellow-green-yellow which might mean it is memory error. But the beep code “1(long)-3(short)-2(short)” this is also mot listed on the code chart. Therefore to understand the error lights you can either follow the blog steps or connect with our qualified technicians to avail the best of support services hence getting rid of error. In order to fix your problem get the troubleshooting done your computer four light labeled A, B, C, and D on the very front panel. Lights can be yellow, green, or off. As you start the system normally lights flash, after all the four lights display solid green.

Might be you want to upgrade the memory therefore you might have thought of purchasing new memory to place in the computer and it still beeps 1-3-2 you can try solving by resetting everything on your PC. Disconnect and reconnect every connection literally. After it beeps nothing happens as the fan stay running but nothing ever comes up on screen at all. You have also tried removing the CMOS battery for short time and that didn’t do any good for you and not in favor as well. You can also try to remove it and leave it out over the weekend to see if that helps you.

Fix Dell 670 Error lights

Steps to troubleshoot or Fix Dell 670 Error lights:

Step 1: Locate the light which is not working and in order to avoid hardware problem you can connect to qualified technicians at Dell Technical Support Number where you find skilled and experienced technicians in your service

Step 2: Remove the Random Access Memory and install a new one in its place

Step 3: Open the system case and carefully unscrew motherboard and replace with new motherboard

Step 4: Process is same as for beep 2 as well repeat the procedure mentioned in beep 2

Step 5: In case of receiving the five beeps form your computer system make sure to change CMOS battery immediately

Step 6: Check for the video graphic card fault carefully and additionally you can take total of two measures in order to fix issues. You can either replace fault video card from motherboard or replace the whole motherboard. The fact that it is costly for you to change the entire motherboard however you are required to approach to replace the video card only. It is more feasible.

Step 7: Replacing the whole system as brand new need to be installed or more specially a processing unit. In short it is like buying a new computer system


Online Remote assistance via calling on Dell Customer Support Number +44-800-046-5288 (toll-free)

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Chance of failing in executing the above mentioned blog steps or having queries while having issues you can call to resolve the Dell 670 error light on Dell Customer Support Phone Number UK @+44-800-046-5288(toll-free) for immediate and instant problem solving issues. Under the assistance of our well-qualified team of technicians is present to offer you the best solution and present 24*7 to give you online remote assistance. Our team of tech experts are capable, experienced, skilled team is available around-the-clock to assist you any hour of day and night. You can also communicate via dropping an email to customer support email id address or have live chat with tech experts who is very much familiar with technical issues of the Dell Precision.


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