The hardware related error code 0141 which appears when user first load Dell Computer, Laptop. To fix Dell Laptop Error Code 0141 which has relate to hard drive components. The error generally have error code 2000-0141 and shows even though there might not be anything wrong with PC. It is an issues caused by an issue or mismatch between hard drive and users Operating System of PC, laptop. The error typically shown to warn about lack of internal hard drive but if there is one in System it suggest that the problem is caused by mismatch of window system. The typical cause of the error are:

Fix Dell Laptop Error Code 0141

  • Corrupt or damaged Windows processes
  • Damaged registry settings on user system
  • Computer infected with viruses and malware

Steps to Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Error Code 0141:

Step 1: Use the Dell Hard Drive self-test Facility.

The Self Hard Drive Test is feature that Dell PC, which allows user to test the integrity and reliability of hard drive on user system. The tool is used is to help you gauge how well user HD is running out and allow user to pinpoint exact cause of 0141 error on Dell Laptop.

Using the Self-Test utility from Dell Resource CD

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Step 2: Scan for Viruses

User ought to then run virus scan to get rid of any doable infection which are within procedure. Virus are small compact programs which latch onto user Laptop and hardware including good deal of complications for PC. To fix this up user need to use a reputable antivirus plan to scan by your procedure and clear away any viruses triggering havoc.

Step 3: Clean out the Registry

Another big cause of problems on many Dell systems is the registry, and is one of the big causes of the 2000-0141 error. The part of user computer which stores settings and information, allowing user PC to “remember” n number of different files and settings for user system. Unfortunately, the registry is constantly causing problems on your PC as it makes Windows unable to read the files and settings it needs to run, as it’s forever being corrupted and damaged. It’s often the case that this database will store a setting or file that Windows will be unable to read, causing Windows to think it’s not present on your system, which will cause the 0141 error. It’s highly recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” to fix this problem.

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