The Dell All-In-One Printer Hardware Error 0502 arrives in All-in-One such as A10 940 model. To fix Dell All-in-One Printer hardware Error 0502 are caused due to some serious issues within the hardware. A slight adjustments to printer settings usually solves most of the problems. The error 0502 is caused due to some hardware or due to some connection issues. The error may also cause by coating on metal rod in which cartridges travel. Another reason is the drag in cartridges. Printing processes are not completed until the occurred error has be resolved successfully. Or one can also connect via calling to Dell Printer Support Phone Number for one to one assistance.

Follow steps to troubleshoot theDell All-In-One Printer Hardware Error 0502:

How to fix Dell All-In-One Printer Hardware Error 0502

Reset the Dell Printer

To fix Dell All-In-One Printer Hardware Error 05022 it is suggested to reset the printer which they are using currently.Users are also recommended to perform all the below steps to proceed smoothly with the process:

Step 1: Turn off the printer which is being used currently.

Step 2: Next unplug the printer and then perform a thorough check whether any paper is jammed inside or not.

Step 3: Plug into the device and then turn on your printer for executing its operation.

Reposition Encoder Strip

Step 1: Remove the power cord from the unit.

Step 2: Lift the lid of the unit, just below the scanner portion of the All-In-One, to expose the inside of the unit where the printer cartridges are located.

Step 3: Gently slide the ink cartridge carrier to the middle of the printer.

Step 4: Gently move the top part of the printer belt to the right. 

Step 5: Using your index finger, gently push encoder strip down and then back up to get it back into the slot located on the back of the ink cartridge carrier.

Step 6: Gently press the strip first to the rear and then forward to ensure that it is seated correctly.

Step 7: Manually move the ink cartridge carrier to the left, then to the right to check the positioning of the encoder strip.

Step 8: Once the encoder strip has been re-seated, close the lid to the unit.

Step 9: Re-connect the power supply to the All-In-One.

Step 10: Press the Power button. If the encoder strip was re-seated correctly, the Hardware Error: 502 code will not appear. 

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Dell Printer Customer Support Number UK

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