Dell lasers Printer are the most efficient laptop in the market yet might face issues. To fix Dell Toner Sensor Error Code on Laser Printer which has occurred when rotation of the toner cartridge developer is monitored using optical sensor on the printer chassis and reflectors on toner cartridge. In case the sensor or reflectors are contaminated chance of occurrence of the error will increase. The developer drive turn the toner cartridge roller. If the drive is damaged this error may occur. Therefore it is essential to check the developer drive. Clean the drum and toner contacts. Replace the toner cartridge if you can Or connect to Dell Printer Support

fix Dell Toner Sensor Error Code on Laser Printer

Fix Toner Error occur with Dell Laser Printers for following Dell Printer models :

  1. 1700
  2. 1700n
  3. 2230d
  4. 2230dn
  5. 3330dn
  6. 1710
  7. 1710dn
  8. 1720dn
  9. 2350dn
  10. 2350d

Steps To troubleshoot the Toner Sensor Error Code on Laser Printer:

Step 1: Restart by power off and unplug the power cord

Step 2: Open the front cover

Step 3: Remove the Toner cartridge

Step 4: Locate the toner level sensor inside the printer on the right side and clean the toner sensor with a lint-free cloth

Step 5: Locate the toner sensor clear plastic Window on the right side of the toner cartridge and clean the toner sensor window with a cotton swab.

Step 6: Reinstall toner cartridge and close the front cover.

Step 7: Plug in and power on the printer.

Step 8: The toner cartridge need verification if the error still occurs is Dell-branded and has not been refilled. If the toner cartridge has been refilled or was not manufactured by Dell, purchase a new toner cartridge.

Step 9: If the toner cartridge is a Dell cartridge and has not been refilled, replace the toner cartridge. If the toner cartridge has already been replaced

Dell Printer Customer Support Number UK

Call Dell Printer Customer Support Number UK +44-800-046-5288 (toll-free)

The right technicians are available 24*7 to assist you in right direction so that you get rid of toner cartridge error. Not able to resolve Toner cartridge error while following the blog steps therefore Dell Printer Support Number +44-800-046-5288 (toll-free) and get assured assistance. The Dell laser printer are the main suffers of the error. The assistance can be availed over call, live chat or dropping an email on our customer support email id.

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